Tuesday, February 17, 2015

my book review

                    Book review


It's is non fiction. The title is named the third wheel and the author is Jeff Kinney

                  paragraph 1

It is about a boy who likes a girl so him Rowley and the girl
went to the dance as a group  and the girl likes Rowley not
Greg and Gregs uncle comes and wrecks the house and
doesn't  clean his side of the house and he gets kicked
out  and finds a new place to live in. At the end of the
dance the chicken pox were actually pimples and Greg
did actually were chickenpox.

                                          paragraph 2
What i liked about this book is that it sets the scene perfectly and he shows the emotions really well so we can recognize what they feel like without him saying it. I dont have a dislike about this book.

                                         paragraph 3

This book does have a meaning to it. It is to let people know how it feels to be left out so don’t do it. The point of writing the book is so people know not to leave people out cause it is mean.


  1. WOW I thought that was an amazing book review Tyla I thought it was very detailed and had some really good reasons.