Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Chapter Summaries - The Butterfly Lion

Chapters 1&2: Bertie got bullied by the teacher so he ran away and Bertie couldn't get past the tigers cage so this lady found him and they had scones and tea.

Chapter 3: We learnt that Bertie was born in Africa and his mother was really sick and when he was little they put a fence so he couldn't get bitten by the African animals and hurt. One day he looked through the fence and saw a white lion.

Chapter 4. All Bertie could think about was the white lion. Later Bertie saw a muddy lion and asked his parents if he could keep the lion cub and they said no and then they said yes so the lion cub followed Bertie everywhere.

Chapter 5. Berties lion cub had to go to the circus and Bertie didn't want the lion cub to so he lets the lion cub go but the lion cub stayed so Bertie screamed and yelled so the lion cub left and Bertie stayed till he could not see the lion cub anymore.

Chapter 6 : The main event in this chapter is the frenchman took the lion cub to the circus and Bertie is really sad that the lion cub has to leave. This chapter was sad for me.

Chapter 7: The main event in the chapter is that the little girl and Bertie at 3:00 they would go to the wood hill and talk about their loss. This chapter is sad for me.

Chapter 8: The main part of this chapter that Bertie goes to college and doesn't like the bells to wake up and all the parts he has to do in the stuff in a day this chapter was really exciting.

Chapter 9: The main part of this chapter is that Bertie goes to hospital and has been there for three years this chapter was sad.

Chapter 10: The main part of this chapter was that Bertie found the the white lion and the man who brought him this part of the story was sad and exciting.

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