Wednesday, August 26, 2015

book review


The book I have been reading is pony club rivals- showjumper, the author is stacy Gregg and the general is fiction tans the scene is horse riding.

Paragraph 1

The story is about a girl that loves horse riding and she moved to a new place so she felt like a imposter. As you get further in the book you you see she get very competitive in her horse racing and always focussed on the positive side of things.

Paragraph 2

I liked this book because I like horses and the book has horses in it. Now this is what I don't like About this book it is that they are always going on and on about the most boring things in the book.

paragraph 3
This book is about horses and horse racing. Yes I think the author was trying to say something and it was that you should never give up and always believe in yourself. I think that the point of writing this book was  so she could get the message out to other people.I think the author wanted to entertain  people that love ponies and want to read books about ponies.

I would recommend this book to people who love ponies and want to know about a person called Georgia that horse rides.

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