Monday, August 3, 2015

imagine being

The morning is sunny I walk in the bakery and smell the bakers doing there job. I go to the kitchen to see how the new equipment is going , yay the equipment is going marvellous. I went to set up the bakery. Everyone rushes into the shop to get the fresh pies and cakes for their long day at work. I see its nearly lunch so I set the pies and savouries so people can grab them then go  to the counter so it will be easier for them. Its lunch time I see people coming from a distance so I go to the counter and welcome them to the shop when I see that everyone has left I go on my break. When i got back i set up afternoon tea so i put all the baking out. All the children have sprinted into the shop and buy their afternoon tea for the day.

That is the life of a bakery worker.  

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