Monday, October 26, 2015

My Essay


When I'm older I want to be a baker. Here are some facts about bakers, Bakery workers usually work 40 hours a week, and some work night and evening shifts because bakings can be frozen until they are needed. The number of plants operating around the clock is less than it used to. My paragraphs are history, the job, exploring this job, employment prospects, advanced prospects and education and training requirements.

The process of cooking food using dry heat, is one of the oldest methods of cooking. The ancient Egyptians built the first known oven, which were shaped like beehives. Later cultures introduced better ovens, including the Roman cylindrical oven. By the middle of the second century B.C., there were professional bakers in Rome, and ordinary people could buy bread instead of having to make it themselves. The first mechanical dough mixer, powered by a horse walking in circles, was built by the Romans. In European cities during the Middle Ages, bakers formed associations called guilds, which carefully shows how bread was made and how bakers were trained. Outside of cities, however, most baking was done at home or in a single village oven.

The job
If you are a baker you design cakes, figure out how much of each ingredient is needed and mix and create different things. There are different roles for different bakers like a chef, pastry worker and someone who makes savoury things. When making something different people make different parts. Different machines  are used to blend flour. Skilled mixers known as broth mixers control flour sifters and mix liquid.

Exploring This Job
While in high school, you may be able to get a part-time or summer job at a neighborhood bakery or do work experience at a bakery. Although you may only be responsible for taking customer's orders. At school you need to be good at maths, science and home economics. You could also take baking or cooking classes. If there is a cooking school in your area, visit it and meet with the teachers to discuss this line of work.

Where you work
Bakery workers can find jobs in a wide variety of places, from small bakeries and bakery departments in supermarkets. They also may work in restaurants and hotels. The New Zealand bakeries are having a shortage of qualified bakers to do there job.

So now you know more facts about being a baker, like: About the job, exploring the career and lots more. I hope I got you to understand why I love baking. Good luck if you want to be a baker.

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